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he is alive by Malaika4 If only this really happened! Why Disney, WHY?! Let's just kill off the best character ever, why don't we? OK so...

The Power of Three by creanima

Wow. This artwork is fantastic!!! :D Jayfeather, in my opinion, is the best looking in this picture. I haven't yet found a Jayfeather wh...



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TangledTabby876's Profile Picture

Artist | Digital Art
Crazed fan of the Welcome to Night Vale and Black Butler fandom.
I am currently not taking art requests or commissions.
Q) So who do you roleplay over text/email/conversation, etc.?

A) Cecil Palmer and Sebastian Michaelis.

Q) Who do you officially cosplay, who is your favorite to cosplay, which cosplay is easiest and which ones do you have complete?

A) I cosplay Cecil Palmer from Welcome to Night Vale and Grelle Sutcliffe from Kuroshitsuji.

I can't necessarily pick a favorite. I love both of them and the fact that they are both flamboyant as cheese keeps this world spinning.

I think Cecil is easier for the main fact that the hardest thing I have to worry about with him is the tattoos and the third eye. I chopped my hair to a boy cut so I've got that covered.

Cecil is the only one I have complete. I have everything for Grelle so far beside the red coat, hair, glasses, necktie and scissors (because Will took my death scythe and I'm incredibly distraught :( ).

Q) What advice do you have for a new cosplayer?

A) Don't give up on it. Even if you don't have everything for your costume, there has to be something out there or some way to make it. I just about gave up but now I'm a full Cecil cosplayer and I'm glad I pursued it. 

Q) How do you do roleplay?

A) Basically I choose a character (Cecil or Sebby) and I just...act like them. "Be" them. It's quite simple, really.

For Cecil I swoon and fangirl about Carlos (who happens to be one of my best friends-we cosplay together) and I show people cat videos and wear my headphones around my neck.

For Sebastian I basically shift to my british accent, stand straight as a board and just act exactly like him (which is just being as catty and sarcastic yet passive aggressive as humanely possible).

I also do text roleplays with my friend (Carlos) and my cousin (Ciel). It's quite the entertainment.
  • Mood: Helpful
  • Listening to: Night Vale
  • Reading: Kuroshitsuji
  • Watching: Black Butler
  • Playing: for the Night Vale Spiderwolves
  • Eating: souls...don't tell Ciel...
  • Drinking: diet blood

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